Big Angelus is a hip-hop/rap artist from Boston, Massachusetts brandishing a style strewn with punchlines, high caliber wordplay, catchy hooks, and incredible presence. From 2006 to 2012, Big Angelus has released four solo projects: The Catalog: issue I, Welcome 2 The Hundred, RUSSO, and Capricorn KING. Combined, these four releases has managed over 400,000 units downloaded worldwide, as well as countless physical copies distributed in the United States.  From 2013 to 2015, Big Angelus has featured on a number of songs by other artists, and is releasing new content monthly related to two separate projects.

The only thing that comes close to rivaling Big Angelus’ artistry, is his philanthropy work in the community. Big Angelus has been known to volunteer his time working with children at community centers, helping with general learning and being a positive role model aiding in their growth. Big Angelus’ generosity is not just limited to volunteering his time, as he is no stranger in giving donations to particular charitable causes.

Big Angelus’ third release titled “RUSSO,” which is named after his alternative persona, was the first to be released under his “Black Corona Entertainment.” Since releasing his first two solo projects, “The Catalog” and “Welcome 2 the Hundred,” Big Angelus has had songs placed on top 10 download charts and during the fourth quarter of 2010 spilling into the first quarter of 2011, shortly after releasing the title of his next project, Big Angelus climbed the charts on “,” leading as #1 for 10 consecutive weeks. Big-Angelus

Not only having reached many people with his music in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and throughout Asia, Big Angelus has also been involved in producing/co-producing, and songwriting for other artists, as well as dabbling in the independent film industry.


Big Angelus’ new project, “The Waters,” is said to be an ongoing project with songs releasing every month.  Simultaneously, Big Angelus is said to be working on another project, “Awakened: Capricorn King 2,” the sequel to his successful 2012 “Capricorn KING” project.  These two projects is meant to work in tandem with each other providing constant material released and displays different sides to his literary ingenious.